Quality For Commerce City

I have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to work with the Honorable Mayor Sean Ford and the City Council, to continue working on your agenda to improve the health and wealth equity in our city.

Like all residents, I have both witnessed growth and positive changes in the city, and bore the brunt of disheartening changes in our quality of life including degrading air quality and decreased opportunities for the success of our kids.

I value and respect the people of Commerce City and would like to be the bridge that connects residents and businesses to our local government.

And I am running to be your Commerce City City Council representative to harness growth that I have had a caring hand in catalyzing, and use it to improve quality of life for all Commerce City residents.

Quality Education

We must ensure that our young Commerce Citians are receiving the best education possible. As a council member, I will collaborate with Adams 14 and 27J elected officials to achieve this goal. I will cultivate meaningful and productive relationships with our educators, which is essential for student success.

A Healthy Environment

Every individual residing in Commerce City deserves to feel a sense of safety, pride, health, and unity throughout their life.  I will work with residents, business leaders, and Adam County officials to develop governance policies and regulations which prioritize the health and safety.

Affordable Housing

Growing and maintaining our affordable housing resources is critical to ENSURE A QUALITY COMMUNITY FOR A LIFETIME.

A Full Support System

I will support The Commerce City Police and Fire Departments and advocate for measures which support their critical work.